Eye Tracking & Biometric Techniques are a valuable addition to an integrated insight program. We design studies that integrate traditional interview and survey methods with biometric technology, to provide relatively non-intrusive and non-verbal based consumer insights.
  • Central Location / Fixed Eye Tracking or Mobile Glasses
  • In Store / On Location with Mobile Glasses
  • Mobile Eye Tracking at Virtual Shopper Facility
  • Facial Expression Analysis to Understand Emotional Reactions
  • Shopper Insights
  • In-store and Online Shopping
  • Package Design and Optimization
  • Design and Evaluation of Print and Interactive POS Material
  • Website Evaluation and Optimization
  • Eye Tracking & Biometrics as a valuable adjunct to Qualitative Consumer Insights

We provide a proven insights approach using a virtual shopper lab located in Cincinnati OH.  This allows FMCG retailers, product manufacturers, and clients in other categories to conduct virtual research using state-of-the-art technology including a full size virtual shelf or shopping environment, interactive capability, and the latest eye tracking equipment in a full service research facility.

Retail Effectiveness is Multidimensional

Eye Tracking + Interactive Behavior + In Depth Interviews

Captures deep insights into shopper behavior in real-world retail environments

Example Study Objectives

  • Test the effectiveness of signage or other navigational elements in store.
  • Assess navigation patterns in the store and observe/track shopper experience through task orientated situations such as shopping, purchase, and information gathering, etc.
  • Research the attentional and communication effectiveness of point of sale materials.
  • Identify areas of unmet informational needs and make recommendations to successfully meet them.
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